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Healthcare, project management, database developer, MS Excel guru—yes, I thrived in these fields, and I would still—as long as I'm functioning in a communication capacity.

Below are six attributes of my personality:



Communication Style

Social Style

Learning Style

Self-Perception Communication

Fictional narrative is my passion, but it all boils down to communication. In fact, that's storytelling. And in my world, writing stories is analogous to communication.

In my published novel, What's In A Name, I use point of view, diction, and style to create narrative voice:

The tone is set through voice and attitude, which infuses the narrative.

The diction is neutral and unobtrusive but intense and serious, at times embodying a narrative storytelling persona, at others embodying the characters.

The vocabulary stays out of the way of the reader's consciousness, giving the reader a film-like experience.

Similarly, and as a writer, I thrive to communicate in a manner that will captivate the reader or listener.