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Healthcare, project management, database developer, MS Excel guru—yes, I thrived in these fields, and I would still—as long as I'm functioning in a communication capacity.

Below are six attributes of my personality:



Communication Style

Social Style

Learning Style

Self-Perception Communication

Fictional narrative is my passion, but it all boils down to communication. In fact, that's storytelling. And in my world, writing stories is analogous to communication.

How It All Started and Where I'm Headed

I was born in Jamaica and immigrated to Canada in 1990 when I was fourteen years old. In high school, I knew I wanted to be a writer. Since March 2016, I have dedicated myself to learning the craft of prose fiction writing and studying all aspects of the English Language. But it was in December 2014 that I had an experience that has since turned out to be the secret of my not only having found but also living my life’s purpose. I call that experience the power of sisu.

I wrote What's In A Name out of an admiration for my grandmother and her wisdom. My interest is in writing literary fiction with strong, authentic characters that are defined by strong writing and themes. My goal is to engage readers through my use of language that is unique and intriguing.

Out of my dedication to learning the craft of prose fiction writing and studying all aspects of English, including advanced grammar, linguistic semantics, and narrative theory and devises, I have created MCINTOSHFORMS™. MCINTOSHFORMS™ is a grammatical method helmed by the established rules of grammar to help elevate the quality of your literary writing. In conjunction with MCINTOSHFORMS™, I also wrote The Literary Editing Project, which focuses on key syntactic functions that will help you execute not only good copy but also a grammatically accomplished literary manuscript.