Garie McIntosh's Background


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from Administration . . .

Healthcare, project management, database developer, MS Excel guru—Garie thrived in these disciplines, which required him to be methodical, systematic and analytical.

Here are six attributes of his personality:

  • Self-initiative
  • Drive
  • Communication style
  • Social style
  • Learning style
  • Self-perception

. . . to Communication

In What's In A Name, Garie uses point of view, diction, and style to create narrative voice:

  • The tone is set through voice and attitude, which infuses the narrative.
  • The diction is neutral and unobtrusive but intense and serious, at times embodying a narrative storytelling persona, at others embodying the characters.
  • The vocabulary stays out of the way of the reader's consciousness, giving the reader a film-like experience.

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