MCINTOSHFORMS™: An MS Word Regex Search Tool

MCINTOSHFORMS™ aims to be a model for performing searches in Microsoft (MS) Word while functioning as a summary of grammatical rules. Each search is a function of a grammatical rule, which informs the syntax used to achieve correct grammar.

MCINTOSHFORMS™ aims to use syntactic functions (related grammatical functions) as a search model to achieve correct English grammar. For example, the grammatical function of object complement is directly related to the syntactic functions of direct object and predicate.

What's In A Name

Elevate the quality of your writing with MCINTOSHFORMS™

What's In A Name, Garie's debut novel, was edited with the assistance of MCINTOSHFORMS™.

What's In A Name is about a girl named Christine, who has been renamed by her dying mother. When Christine accepts the name, she goes silent on the meaning of and the secret behind her new name. Now eight years into her marriage, Christine the woman is struggling to unsilence herself, just like the women of her life. Finally, she makes to Jamaica the ultimate trip of her life—all to confront the man, her father, who caused her to be renamed “Lean-a.”