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About McIntoshLinguistics

McIntoshLinguistics is an educational services company that aims to formalize a grammatical and orthographic approach to English literary editing. McIntoshLinguistics was created by Garie McIntosh, who developed an English grammar method and process for editing as a result of his English linguistic studies to become a writer. The approach involves:

  • Understanding the concepts of grammatical "form" and "function"
  • Using advanced wildcard searches of manuscripts developed in Microsoft (MS) Word
  • Adhering to a process-method system that includes descriptive checklists for morphology, syntax, and orthography

The process and method

In combination with its own grammatical method called MCINTOSHFORMS™, McIntoshLinguistics provides a study and description of morphology, syntax, and orthography via also its own editing process called the Literary Editing Project (LEP). For editing purposes, MCINTOSHFORMS™ uses a collection of regular expressions (regexes) and grammatical forms (letters, words, phrases, and punctuation) that can isolate the structure of words (morphology), sentences (syntax), and orthography (hyphenation that forms compound words and punctuation that coordinate, combine, and parallel).

The product

The regexes have been formulated for use via the advanced (Wildcards) search field in MS Word. A regex is entered into the advanced search dialog, the Find tool, in MS Word to highlight a grammatical constituent, a grammatical form, or a grammatical function within the document. By focusing on and/or isolating the structure of words and sentences and orthography, you can identify and/or remove any potential errors or ambiguities. The process-method of McIntoshLinguistics helps ensure your edit will result in the construction of a highly readable (close reading) and grammatically sound (effective writing) literary manuscript.

The First Literary Work Edited through McIntoshLinguistics

Ensure a highly readable (close reading) and grammatically sound (effective writing) literary manuscript using MCINTOSHFORMS™.

What's In A Name, Garie McIntosh's published first novel, was developed and edited using MCINTOSHFORMS™.

What's In A Name is a fictional tale about a woman who was renamed by her dying mother at twelve years old. She accepted that name, but then she goes silent thereafter about the significance of her new name. Now an adult, a married woman, she finds herself in a battle to unsilence herself.”