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McIntoshLinguistics was created by author Garie McIntosh, who developed an English grammar method called MCINTOSHFORMS™. Garie has a planned series of literary writing products/services that are educational, and they may also be available via the MCINTOSHFORMS™ website. The first English grammar product, which is a byproduct of MCINTOSHFORMS™, is called The Literary Editing Project. The product is a process published under McIntoshLinguistics. This first project, or the LEP for short, aims to aid writers/editors who want to elevate the quality of their literary writing.

MCINTOSHFORMS™ is helmed by the established rules of grammar to help elevate the quality of your literary writing. This elevation will be achieved through combined greater awareness of syntactic functions and the use of the Find tool in Microsoft Word. Through a search dialog and based on the syntax provided by MCINTOSHFORMS™ for the particular grammatical search being performed, you can highlight grammatical constituents within the document.

McIntoshLinguistics presents The Literary Editing Project through MCINTOSHFORMS™. In combination, this method and process combination look at sentence syntax and semantics through the lens of grammatical form and grammatical function. The LEP identifies some of the most integral operatives (words, phrases, and clauses) involved in constructing a highly readable and semantically sound literary manuscript.

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The First Literary Work Edited through McIntoshLinguistics

Elevate the quality of your writing with MCINTOSHFORMS™

What's In A Name, Garie McIntosh's published first novel, was developed and edited using MCINTOSHFORMS™.

What's In A Name is about a girl named Christine, who has been renamed by her dying mother. When Christine accepts the name, she goes silent on the meaning of and the secret behind her new name. Now eight years into her marriage, Christine the woman is struggling to unsilence herself, just like the women of her life. Finally, she makes to Jamaica the ultimate trip of her life—all to confront the man, her father, who caused her to be renamed “Lean-a.”