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Garie McIntosh is a writer/storyteller, and he has developed and written two of his own manuscripts in Microsoft (MS) Word. He has since both discovered and learned the tenets of the Form-Function Method for teaching grammar. With his acquired grammatical skills and linguistic knowledge, he has developed MCINTOSHFORMS™ and The Literary Editing Project, or the LEP for short.

MCINTOSHFORMS™ is a grammatical method helmed by the established rules of grammar to help elevate the quality of your literary writing, and the LEP focuses on key grammatical forms and grammatical functions that will help you execute not only good copy but also a grammatically accomplished literary manuscript.

The elevation will be achieved through combined greater awareness of syntactic functions and the use of the Find tool in MS Word.

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Methodical editing and elevated literary writing quality

MCINTOSHFORMS™ echoes the theory in Chomsky’s linguistic theory (generative grammar), which states that Language is a finite set of rules that create an infinite number of grammatical sentences, and uses that theory as an approach to English grammar by a writer/editor who wants to elevate the quality of his or her own writing. The theory also states that as a tool with a finite number of rules that allows us to generate (or deduce) all English sentences, a grammar would also generate only grammatically correct sentences (not ungrammatical sentences). MCINTOSHFORMS™ echoes the two most basic linguistic elements of grammar, which are form and function.

MCINTOSHFORMS™ is complementary to the LEP, which reinforces and ascribes to the Form-Function Method for teaching grammar. Therefore, the user is assumed to have already learned the tenets of the Form-Function Method for teaching grammar.

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Together the LEP in combination with MCINTOSHFORMS™, either of which is a process and a method respectively, aim to support the English language literary writer in the overall writing process.